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Resources for Students

Here are some resources that might be helpful for students:

Getting in to Graduate Programs in Clinical Psychology: This is a guide that I wrote while in Graduate School, spelling out as much of the process as I could. Graduate programs, especially in Psychology, and especially in Clinical Psychology, are particularly difficult to get into. This is partly because while there is no unified process for applications, there are a lot of unspoken rules. So if this is where you are thinking of going, see if you find my advice useful.

Literature Searches: These are a part of everyday life in the world of research. This document will help you learn how to do literature searches, find the articles you need, and maintain a reference database. I will show you how to use PubMed and PsycInfo for online searches, and use the Library resources to fill out your library. Then, I will show you how to keep a database with Acrobat and EndNote.

Apply to be my Research Assistant: I am currently looking for a Research Assistant. I am looking for University of Arizona undergraduates who have an interest in working in human clinical sleep research. Contact me for more information.

Sleep Trainees Website: This website created by the Sleep Research Society is particularly for students and others at the trainee level who are interested in getting involved in Sleep Research. You can find out more about Sleep as a discipline, and find training programs that you might be interested in.

Sleep Trainees Network: This is an online group of sleep trainees at all levels. Any person who is a student, fellow or junior faculty is eligible to join. There are postings of information and events relevant to trainees, as well as discussion of a number of relevant topics.



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