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All of the photos that randomly appear at the top of these pages were taken by me. Photography has been a hobby of mine for several years, and I enjoy taking photos of unique scenes.

They are not stock photos and are subject to copyright. You may not use them without my permission.

Beach Channel Drive, Neponsit, NY

Sunset, Jamaica Bay

Sunset, Marine Park Bridge

Rockaway Beach

Dunes, Rockaway Beach

Trees, Neponsit, NY

Tree Tops, Pine Valley, NY

Spring Trees, Pine Valley, NY

Stream, Pine Valley, NY

Oak Tree, Pine Valley, NY

Oak Tree, Pine Valley, NY

Green Leaves

Philadelphia at Night

Police Car Lights

Ventana Canyon, Tucson, AZ

Sunset After Rain, Nogales, AZ

Just After Sunset, Nogales, AZ

Pink Sunset, Nogales, AZ

Clouds Over Nogales, AZ

Winter Trees, Pine Valley, NY

Winter Dunes, Rockaway Beach, NY

City Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Orange Flower

Lights at Night, San Diego, CA

Setting Sun, Over Philadelphia, PA

Sunset, Media, PA

Mountains From The Air

Lantern on the Lake, FL

The Lab, HUP

Reflective Building, San Diego, CA

Sunset, FL

Sunset in the Sky, Over Philadelphia, PA

Mountains, CA

Sunset and Clouds

Scattered Clouds, Over FL

Thick Clouds, Over Philadelphia, PA

Buildings, New York, NY

Sky, San Diego, CA

Winter Beach, Rockaway Beach, NY

Field, Pine Valley, NY

Trees on a Hill, Big Flats, NY

Color and Texture

Tree Over Water, Ithaca, NY

Sunset Flowers

Trees, Swarthmore, PA

Fall Apples, Pine Valley, NY

Chandelier, WPB, FL

Yellow Flowers, Longwood Gardens, PA

Fall Trees, Longwood Gardens, PA

Trees and Sky, Newtown Square, PA

Yellow Leaves, Longwood Gardens, PA

Orchids, Longwood Gardens, PA

Greenhouse, Longwood Gardens, PA

Trellis, Longwood Gardens, PA

Flowers, Longwood Gardens, PA

Fall Colors, Longwood Gardens, PA

Fall Hydrangea, Longwood Gardens, PA

Few Leaves, Longwood Gardens, PA

Tree, Wallingford, PA

Red Leaves, Plymouth Meeting, PA

Green Trees, Newtown Square, PA

Silhouette Trees, Newtown Square, PA

Waves, WPB, FL

Gates Pavilion, Penn

Green Tree Leaves, Plymouth Meeting, PA

Sunset, Nogales, AZ

Sunset, Nogales, AZ

Sunset, Nogales, AZ

Campus, Penn

Mountains, Nogales, AZ

Silhouettes, Nogales, AZ

Greener Mountains, Nogales, AZ

Fireworks, Radnor, PA

Maple Tree, Pine Valley, NY

Copper Tree, Longwood Gardens, PA

Copper Tree, Longwood Gardens, PA

Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, DC

Icy Window

Snowy Tree

Reflection, Pine Valley, NY

Jersey Shore

Fire, Providence, RI

Pine Valley Campground Road

Pine Valley, NY

Flowers on the Lake, Pine Valley, NY

Pine Valley, NY

Sunset in Pinewoods

Lancaster, PA

Spring in Swarthmore

Spring in Swarthmore

Fall Colors, Wallingford, PA

Looking Up, Newtown Square, PA

View from the Stairs, Langhorne, PA

Winery, Geneva, NY

Fall Leaves, Tyler Arboretum

Fall Leaves, Tyler Arboretum

Elm, Tyler Arboretum

Branches, Tyler Arboretum

Tyler Arboretum

Fall Cattails, Pine Valley, NY

Hay Ride, Tyler Arboretum

Elm, Tyler Arboretum

Winter Palm, Rio Rico, AZ

Winter Sunset, Rio Rico, AZ

Valley View, Rio Rico, AZ

From Ventana Canyon, Tucson, AZ

Pine Valley, NY

The Woods near Providence, RI

Sunset from the Window, IL

Eucalyptus, San Diego, CA

Cliffs, La Jolla, CA

Sunset, La Jolla, CA

Longwood Gardens, PA

Longwood Gardens, PA

Longwood Gardens, PA

Pine Valley , NY

Pine Valley, NY

Washington, DC

La Jolla, CA

Media, PA

Catalina Foothills, AZ

Catalina Foothills, AZ

Catalina Foothills, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Quartzsite, AZ

Nogales, AZ

Catalina Foothills, AZ

Over Pennsylvania

Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Redington, AZ

Santa Catalina Mountains, AZ

Sunset, Tucson, AZ

Little Italy, Baltimore, MD

Pool, Tucson, AZ

Fog Over AZ

Clouds, Tokyo, Japan

Sunset, Singapore

Building, Singapore

Temple, Singapore

ION Orchard, Singapore

Hindu Temple, Singapore

Flower Dome, Singapore

Cloud Forest, Singapore

Cloud Forest Waterfall, Singapore

Hills, Rio Rico, AZ

Fog, Eloy, AZ

Foggy Morning, Casa Grande, AZ

Foggy Morning, Marana, AZ



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