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Dr. Grandner has worked with a number of organizations to develop strategies for using sleep to boost performance. He has worked with a large number of athletics organizations, from single presentations to day-long workshops to months-long collaborations.

I can provide a wide range of consulting services:

  • Educational Programs: Talks, workshops, Q&A sessions, skill-building.
  • Needs Assessment: Surveys, questionnaires, screenings, 1:1 meetings, group meetings.
  • Individual-Level Issues: Walk-in clinics, individual consultation sessions, referrals for care and follow-up.
  • System-Level Issues: Programs for staff and leadership, feedback sessions and debriefing, organizational recommendations.
  • Optimizing Travel: Techniques and strategies to minimize jetlag (or leverage it) and adjust to a new time zone (or keep one) for optimal performance.
  • Technology: Recommendations regarding use of wearables, sleep tracking technology, other sleep tech.
  • Connecting to care: Establishing connections with sleep providers, developing streamlined referral/care pipelines. Providing clinical care in person or via telehealth as appropriate.

Some organizations are looking for a brief workshop (1-2 hours) and extra time for questions and feedback. Most organizations are looking for something a little more comprehensive, such as a 1-2 day program that includes education, meetings, feedback, and Q&A sessions. For maximum benefit, ongoing relationships that include monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly feedback on scheduling, tracking, and performance issues are important for achieving and maintaining optimal outcomes.

Some of the organizations I have worked with include:

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If you are interested in having him speak to your organization, contact him directly.


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