Dr. Grandner has been featured on a number of podcasts, covering a wide range of topics related to sleep and health.

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Tune Into Wellness (Dr. Frank Lipman): "Sleep and Health"

The Snooze Button (Neil Hedley): "Daylight Savings vs Your Sleep"

Sleep Junkies: "Screen Time and Sleep: It's Not Just About the Blue Light"

Sleep 4 Performance (Dr. Ian Dunican): "Sleep for Immunity, Mental Health, and Physical Health to Combat COVID-19"

ROAR Knowledge / Fearless Training Podcast (Alex Connor): "Real-Life Takeaways and Applications to Improve Your Sleep Tonight"

Sigma Nutrition (Danny Lennon): "Societal, Social, and Psychological Influences on Sleep"

Existential Relish (Carol-Ann Granatstein): "Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, and Getting the Winks You Need"

Sleep 4 Performance (Dr. Ian Dunican): "Sleep and Mental Health"

The Snooze Button (Neil Hedley): "Sleep Trackers: Do They Do Anything?"

PulmCast: "The Investment of Sleep"

Finding Genius (Richard Jacobs): "Satisfying Slumber"

Chasing Creativity: "The Importance of Sleep"

Natural Products Insider (Sandy Almendarez): "A New Look at Sleep-Promoting Ingredients"

The Primalosophy Podcast (Nick Holderbaum): "Sleep and Health"

10 Questions with Stan and Susan: "10 Questions About Sleep"

BBC Business Daily: "Can't Get No Sleep"

Radio Health Journal (Nancy Benson): "Power Naps at Work"

The Pulse (Maiken Scott): "What Happens When Our Pulse Lab Rat Goes Caffeine Free?"


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